When there’s a firetruck, ambulance or other emergency vehicle behind you on the road, you pull over to let them pass, right? Of course you do. But some people need a little reminder, so we made this spot for the Fresno Fire Department.

The FFD asked us to create an attention-grabbing and memorable public service announcement about pulling over in your car when an emergency vehicle is behind you on the road (i.e., “Pull to the Right”). The spot would primarily be shown in movie theaters before the previews.

With the spot running in theaters, we wanted to give it a cinematic feel, and use a humorous scenario to act as a metaphor for “Get the heck out of the way!” Rather than stage a football game with adult players, we worked with two local peewee football teams and cast a big adult with childlike features to portray our “Firetruck” player. The full production required nearly 200 people, including two full football teams of kids, coaches, parents and families in the stands, cheerleaders, police and firefighters, actors, and crew.