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Food Safety Matters

We created a long-form video for the LGMA (California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement) telling the story of two victims of a 2006 outbreak of food-borne E. coli, and explaining the importance of food safety at every stage of production. The LGMA was formed in 2007 after the outbreak. The goal of its members is to assure the production of safe leafy greens and create a culture of food safety through strict self-regulation.

We produced multiple versions of this video, for both public and internal (farmer and worker) audiences, in both English and Spanish. With a video for every occasion, the LGMA is able to spread their message of food safety and the work they are doing.


Director: Byron Watkins
Producers: Sara Bourbeau & Joann Mercado
DPs: Kyle Gentz, Ian McAleece, Jon Neely
Editor: Joshua Krause
Colorist: Kyle Gentz