iLoveToCreate asked us to create a fun, memorable online spot for Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. How could we effectively show the many uses of Aleene’s in a cool way?

We settled on the idea of a short film, a romantic comedy parody, based on the idea that, “The only thing Aleene’s can’t fix is a broken heart.”

Our script follows a familiar formula — meet-cute, fall in love, fight, break up, discover new love — with the particular distinction that it’s all about glue. Aleene’s remains front and center in the video, and in the relationship.

The next challenge was assembling the crafts and DIY glueable goodies to fill out our budding relationship. Our search led us far and wide, from the aisles of the hobby store to a local steampunk enthusiast group to a backyard birdhouse metropolis. Then we found our leads, dressed them up in suitably artful attire, and set them to gluing.

Despite the comedic tone of the video, we kept the lighting natural and realistic to lend some authenticity and emotion to the parody.

The editing was a challenge, condensing a yearlong relationship into a couple minutes with flashbacks and other time-jumps. Using music cues and varied cutting patterns, we created distinct tones for each period of the relationship to indicate the passage of time. Just in case that all isn’t clear, we included some Deschanel-esque “day number” graphics to help you keep track.

All in all, we think it’s a pretty compelling 3-minute story that highlights the product in a unique way — and has an important message about sticking together.