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We makes movies, TV, commercials, and web content. We use video to tell the stories of people, of companies, of products. Whatever your story is, we want to tell it.


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11:59 Web Series

We’ve been lucky enough to form a close relationship with local indie hip-hop/electronic musician, Sahab, over the last three years. He created the theme song to a web show we produced and he made a custom track for our graphics reel. In December of 2012, Sahab came to us with an idea for a web series to promote his new album, 11:59. He wasn’t interested in creating music videos or even scoring the series with full tracks from the album. He wanted something that would capture the feeling and themes of the album without being direct takes on the songs themselves.

We worked together to concept, write, produce and post six non-linear episodes that leave a lot to interpretation and the imagination. The series is scored with some of the layers from 11:59, but mixed with new content and specifically arranged to fit the episodes themselves.

Watch the trailer we created for the series above, then see see the whole thing on our Vimeo page.